Customer notes...

...just a incomplete collection of some customer notes...

As a long-time Chelsea resident, I am incredibly sad that you are leaving. I wish you could find a way to stay. You will be missed - Seena


I was saddened to learn the news of your closing on New York One News. We are originally from Amsterdam, Holland, so we would always come to your diner whenever we visited New York City. Now that we are residents, we still come here and bring all of our family and friends that visit from Holland. This brings tremendous sadness to many of our family and friends that love the Empire Diner as much as we do. This is very sad news and we wish for a miracle in order to save you from leaving. Please spare our favorite diner!!!


I lived in London terrace for 12+ years and Empire Diner was a part of my home and my personal History. I was friendly with waiters, brought ALL my friends there and my Dog Won 1st place and 2nd place Halloween contests!! I think that was in the late 90's or early 2000's. His name is Mac, Brown Standard Poodle and he won 1st place as Shakespeare and the next year 2nd place as Voldemort. I know you guys have photos.

it's a travesty to hear you're shutting down. Very sincerely, eve


I am so sad.




I suppose Thomas Wolfe is correct, "You can't go home again."

I spent the first 38 years of my life in NYC. My family still protects that town as NYPD. From my sister to my Great-Great Grandfather. I now live in San Francisco but am still a dyed in the wool New "Yawka." I fear to see what my hometown has become after five years away. The news of your closing is yet another sad story of how much NYC is changing, and I don't think it is all for the better.

Thank you for being a part of NYC and a bright spot in Chelsea. You will be missed.

Sincerely, Rebecca


Dear Empire Diner,

It's so sad to see a good neighbor leave ... and it's especially sad when it's the place where my husband and I went to celebrate after our City Hall wedding. We had a bigger celebration with family and friends later, but the Empire Diner was a very special and small celebration on the official day.

Chelsea is changing ...

With fond memories, Sarah


Hi,  I have just read the sad news’s regarding the closing of the diner.

My wife and I made a trip across the pond from the U.K. in March of 2009, for a week’s holiday.

One of our things to do was to call at the diner for a meal, which we did and it was everything we had read about and heard.

The service and food were second to none, the guy’s behind the counter were great, very friendly and lots of fun and they could understand someone like me with a strong north of England accent.

We are hoping to get back to NYC later this year and more trips to the diner were planed.

My wife Pauline and I wish you all the best for the future and whatever your plans are, we hope you achieve your goals.

Best regards, John Spencer (Manchester U.K.)



I'm British, work in NYC at times and I cannot believe that such an iconic piece of history is allowed to close!

That such a landmark place may end up being reduced to a plaque saying "The Empire Diner was here" is criminal.

I know all things change - but some things should remain the same to give anchors to folks' lives

I hope you find a new location and continue the tradition and heritage :-)


I was so upset to hearing the closing of the Empire Diner. I worked there from 1982 -85.I now live back in London,but make visits to NY twice a year.Wonderful memories.Sad ones too. Richard,Jack,Teddy,Ron,Billy,Patrick,Marvin and so many more.All gone but never forgotten.Renate and Mitchell not forgetting Mr.Chang I shall remember you all.

Much Love Alan


Memories been going there since 1980.

My cousin Cesar Caro worked there as a cook.

David the CPA was a friend. Lost track of him.

I worked at Simons restaurant, they were very good frineds of the owners.

whom I bought three Boats from Pinta, La NiƱa and Santa Maria

Which I still have. WOW.

Have Friends that live a block away.

Been there many times with friends and family. So SAD

I will have to go back for one last time.