Across the Black Glass

Friends, we are nearing the end of our stay here on the corner of 22nd and 10th.

As Spring and its promise of change and renewal quickens our pulses and heightens our optimism, we find ourselves packing our bags to leave what has been home to us for over three decades; we say goodbye to the friends we've made, the strangers we have fed and charmed, to those who have met future lovers, spouses, one-night flings, and mortal enemies here in our oasis of cool warmth and cold beer.

We are also touched by the fond memories and the outpourings of affection we have received since we announced our departure.

We are touched to the point of tears.

We always had an inkling that the Empire Diner was a Big Deal, but when you've been intimately involved with its day-to-day operation for well nigh three decades, you don't have an appreciation of what it has meant to so many who have passed through its doors, read about it in Guide Books, seen it in movies or ads, or just caught a glimpse of the flashing lights, EAT sign, and Stainless Steel Spire on the corner of its roof.

We expect to soon be moving into new quarters, new kitchen, new office, new job.

We hope to have fresher, better iterations of the Empire Diner in the near future, and we will grow to love our new digs and the new friends we make there, but.


This has been our home and our love, our misery and our joy for the better part of our lives, and it tears at our souls to be leaving here.

We hope to see you at our New Empire Diner, wherever it will be.

Keep reading this page for news and updates.

In the meantime - "Be Kind, For Every Person You Meet Is Fighting A Great Battle." -- Philo